Letter of Support: Susie and Rich Yablonsky

Honest, responsible, passionate, capable, dependable, committed, caring, and dedicated. These are just some of the characteristics that describe Andrea Cuene.

We have known Andrea for over 25 years. We met as students in college, pursued careers together, and have been raising our children in the same community since they were born.

Andrea has always been driven for constant improvement. Whether it is in her career as a speech language pathologist, or as a parent finding opportunities to volunteer and better the schools at which her boys attend. Andrea participates in workshops to learn different ways to use her skills to help the children she teaches. She also strives to learn new ways to collaborate with families and staff on how to create the best possible learning environments and outcomes for her students.

Andrea’s passion for knowledge has always been evident. She has immersed herself in her role as Greenwood’s representative on the Legislative Action Committee. Prior to that she was part of the District Liaison Committee and she was also Greenwood’s PTA treasurer. She has had an interest in helping the district on a higher level and has made great efforts to become knowledgeable about all the change that is happening now in the Wayzata School District.

Working in the district as well as being a parent of two children attending Wayzata Schools gives Andrea a different viewpoint and perspective. Her skills as a communicator and a listener are evident in her work with her colleagues and families. She would use these skills as a member of the school board to help make critical decisions regarding the transitions that the district is facing due to its large growth. Andrea is willing to resign from her position as a Speech Language Pathologist at Greenwood Elementary if elected. To us, this demonstrates Andrea’s passion to better the district in which she is employed, where her children attend schools and in which she lives. Andrea is determined to help see the district through this time of great change and with her unwavering commitment we can’t think of a better candidate.

Susie and Rich Yablonsky

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