Letter of Support: Susan and Tim Gallagher

Andrea Cuene has been a dear friend since meeting when we were students ourselves at the University of Minnesota. We’ve done life together for over 25 years and have both raised our families in the Wayzata School District.

Andrea is passionate, honest, and has been a life long learner. We have always admired her drive and determination to educate herself both personally and professionally. She has been known to travel across the country to attend classes and seminars in order to continue her education, stay on top of the latest in her field, enhance her hobbies, and grow personally.

Andrea brings a unique set of strengths to the table. Being a mother of two sons in the district, a volunteer, and a district employee. With one son at Wayzata High School, and one at West Middle School she has the perspective of what is important as a parent.

She has been an active volunteer in many roles serving as the Greenwood PTA treasurer, a member of the District Liaison Committee and most recently as Greenwood’s Legislative Action Committee representative. This has given her the chance to have an inside look at the relationship and collaboration between parents, the schools, and the district level.

She has displayed a strong work ethic in the classroom as a Speech Language Pathologist at Greenwood. It would definitely be Greenwood’s loss, as she is prepared to resign from this position if elected to the school board.

We are honored to fully support Andrea as a candidate for the Wayzata School Board. If elected, her integrity, knowledge, and experience will serve all of us well!

Susan & Tim Gallagher

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