Letter of Support: Patty Bloom

It is my pleasure and honor to support Andrea Cuene as a candidate for Wayzata School Board. As a speech language pathologist in the Wayzata District, I have had the privilege to work along side of and to learn from Andrea.

Andrea is a strong advocate for students and their individual needs. She is innovative, creative, compassionate and inspirational, which ensures student success. Andrea has an exceptional ability to problem solve situations and come up with successful solutions. Andrea has a passion for learning, always continuing to push herself personally and professionally to better herself and her students.

With her experience of working in the Wayzata School District and being a parent of students in this district, as well as her role on numerous committees within the district, Andrea is the perfect candidate to ensure continued educational excellence for the students and the employees of the Wayzata School District. She will represent us well with knowledge, passion and integrity.

Please join me in voting for Andrea Cuene for Wayzata School Board on November 5th.

Patty Bloom
Wayzata Speech Language Pathologist
Wayzata Parent

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