Letter of Support: Mary Dvorak

Join me in voting for Andrea Cuene for Wayzata School Board. I am a retired first grade teacher from Greenwood Elementary where Andrea worked as the Speech Pathologist. She also served our district as a PTA treasurer, member of the District Liaison Committee, and currently a representative on the District’s Legislative Action Committee.

I had many opportunities to observe Andrea as she worked with students. She easily identifies the child’s needs and develops strategies that are both effective and fun. Her wealth of knowledge and positive attitude are a winning combination.

Andrea has a very good rapport with parents and teachers. She is a great listener and genuinely interested in what people have to say. She is always available to problem solve with teachers giving ideas that are easily implemented in the classroom. Andrea is a great resource for parents, keeping them updated and sharing strategies that they could use at home when appropriate.

Andrea has great listening skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work collaboratively. These qualities along with her background as parent volunteer and special education teacher make her a valuable asset for the Wayzata School board.

Vote for Andrea. She will make a positive and meaningful difference in our children’s lives.

Mary Dvorak
Wayzata Teacher
Wayzata Parent

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