Letter of Support: Leondra Hansen

I urge you to elect Andrea Cuene to the Wayzata school board on November 5. The Wayzata board has always had an important charge – providing unparalleled student learning and maintaining the educational excellence that is the pride of our sought-after communities. In the next few years, the school board must continue to preserve that quality, while also steering crucial efforts to expand the district’s excellence during rapid and unprecedented growth.

We need school board members willing to tackle the task with a positive outlook and a keen understanding of student needs. We need enthusiastic leaders who act thoughtfully and decisively. Andrea Cuene combines the optimism and experience we need to successfully navigate these changes without compromising student education.

I know Andrea as a fellow district parent, as an educator at Greenwood Elementary, and as a friend. In all of those contexts, I appreciate her knowledge, her attitude, and her approach. Andrea focuses on the positive when it comes to our students. She is thoughtful and insightful, and she always emphasizes students and student need. Andrea has the background and training of an educator and has served our schools as a parent. She knows how the Wayzata school communities work, and she expresses great enthusiasm about the teachers, staff, and students who are the district. She will serve us well.

Please join me in voting for Andrea Cuene for Wayzata school board.

Leondra Hanson

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