Shelly Dau talks about our learning community

IMG_1027My campaign for school board is giving me the opportunity to hear many perspectives about important issues in the district.  I get to hear from people I’ve never met before and people I’ve gotten to know over the years as a parent in the community.  I think it’s important to hear a wide range of voices.  Shelly Dau is someone I’ve crossed paths with over the years and it’s always interesting to hear her opinions.

Shelly is a familiar face around our schools.  She has two kids at WHS, Alex, a freshman and Maggie, a junior.  When Alex and Maggie were in elementary school at Gleason Lake, Shelly got involved with the PTA.  This led to her volunteering as Gleason Lake’s PTA president, then Wayzata West Middle School’s PTA president.  She also dedicates her time and energy to the District Liaison Committee and Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP).

Shelly believes that “we’ve successfully created a community that people want to be a part of for education, from the cradle to the grave”.  In her volunteer work, Shelly has come to appreciate all our education community has to offer, from Early Childhood Family Education all the way to Adult Enrichment.  She has been impressed to see the collaboration between our school district (including community education), IOCP and the cities represented in our district to strengthen our community.

As for the critical issues in our district, Shelly hopes that we can manage the growth in enrollment as we maintain the quality of our education.  While she is a huge supporter of Trojan athletics, she sees value in a balance between athletics, language-learning opportunities and the fine arts.  She hopes that the collaborative relationships already developed throughout our community can support the changes ahead.  She explained, “We can’t stop the changes, they’re coming, we need to work together and educate the community for the best possible outcome”.  I couldn’t agree more!

If you know someone in the district you think I should talk to, please leave a response below or email me at

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