Critical School Board Issues

As a Wayzata School Board member I would work to:

District Growth Responsibly meet the needs of the growing number of students in our school district. The growth in our student population is exciting! Families want to live in our school district which is evidence of our successful schools and our healthy community. More capacity will be needed to meet the educational needs of the 1600 new homes predicted to be built in our district over the next four years. In addition, numbers in the middle schools are growing and the approval of all-day kindergarten will create the need for up to 16 additional classrooms (projections from the WPS document, “Plans for our Growing Enrollment“). District facilities and staff will need to continue to grow and change to meet the diverse needs of our increasing student numbers.  On October 14th, 2013, the Wayzata School Board voted unanimously to place two school funding questions before voters at a special election in February.  I am in support of this decision and if elected, would work to build consensus in the community around this issue.
District Policy Make fiscally responsible decisions that provide a positive, measurable and direct impact on teachers and students in their classrooms. Because we all know that the action, talent and passion are in the classrooms!
Academic Achievement Deliver an exceptional education that sparks students’ love for learning while preserving Wayzata’s tradition of academic excellence for each and every student. We have a diverse group of learners in Wayzata. Our motto, “Excellence for each and every student” challenges us to provide opportunities for all students to meet their potential. Teachers and students need ongoing support and encouragement to realize the delivery of a truly personalized education in Wayzata’s tradition of excellence.
Technology Use technology to transform classroom learning, engaging students and preparing them to be 21st century problem solvers while continuing to support teachers as they learn to use the always-changing technology to innovate their instruction.The district has demonstrated its dedication to excellence in technology through the MyWay initiative. Teachers, students and parents are collaborating to ensure that technology is being used as a tool for learning that is innovative, responsible and effective. Teachers should have continued support as they participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to use the data generated by technology and formative assessments to guide their lesson planning and to individualize instruction.
Relationships Foster productive relationships with our legislators to promote local control of stable funding. Also, support effective communication between Wayzata’s school board, administrators, parents and district residents for collaborative decision-making regarding our most important asset-our kids!
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